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Brain Exercise

The importance of exercising the mind will become apparent in the years leading up to the 2020 era. Fitness clubs will either add this important aspect to their format, or new clubs will open that have the techniques to exercise the mind. Fitness plans that engage the mind will be developed.

Our first Neuroscience article, written by a reknowned academic neuroscientist, Dr. Lisa Weyandt, supports this forecast: "...human will be encouraged to engage in various activities... to prevent brain dysfunction and atrophy much like physical activity and weight lifting are used to achieve ideal muscular fitness."

Gender Shift

The era of male dominated business and politics will pass by the 2020 era and there will be a more of an equal division of influence in all aspects of our culture.

Our Medical Model

In the 2020 era our medical model will evolve to more accurately reflect our greater awareness of our relationship with our own bodies and the world around us. The posture of warding off evil and the medical profession's seeming insistence that viruses, bacteria, and even our own bodies are trying to kill us will become far less accepted.

Refining Sensory Systems

The possibility of exercising our sensory systems and enhancing our sensory abilties. Like mental exercise, activities will be proposed that encourage the development and refinement of the sensory systems.

No More War

In the 2020 era civilized countries will be far less likely to wage war to settle conflicts. Just like the famed sculpture of forging a sword into a plow, we will use our money and resources to encourage a peaceful world, enhance technology, and improve the lives of humans on this planet.

The Nature of God

In the 2020 era God will be redefined as the life energy that is the essential nature of all living things. Instead of identifying god as a separate being in a heavenly realm, god will be considered more as the expression of the life energy through the living being.

Human Intimacy

Human intimacy will be redefined, the definitions will be broadened and there will be far less restrictions to that intimacy. Business relationships, family relationships, love relationships, all will evolve and humans will discover the the depth of power of their combined energies.

Far Less Laws

In the 2020 era there will be far less laws. Our governments will revise and reconsider a large number of laws that relate to "victimless" crimes. We will actually insist that government "stay out" of our personal lives and focus on foreign relations, our countries infrastructure, and other global matters.

The Energy of Life

The source of the life energy, called Chi in the Chinese, Ki in Japan, Eros in the Greek, and animus in the Latin, will be discovered and methods to get closer to it and access it will be proposed. Depression, fear, anxiety, boredom, anger will be far less common and increased intelligence and creativity will lead to all of us being far more content and far more productive.

Our Economy

The next 2020 forecast: The resurrection of our economy and the new "boom days" of productivity on our continent. This is not predicted to make everyone happy, the new discoveries of science will enable us to improve our manufacturing base, encourage more responsible and integrated business, and we will not be wasting billions of dollars a month on useless war.

The Function of the Church

Churches will be more like performing arts centers where people attend to experience the life energy as expressed through the performance arts. Churches and cathedrals will be havens for artists, the concepts of prayer and worship will be totally renewed and understood from a perspective that is far less "denominational".



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